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acapela tv talking bunny Welcome on!

This is our happy chatty webiste. A great meeting place for nice characters that  finally can chat, speak for real and play with words, the way they like.

‘Once upon a time, there was a sweet little bunny in the snow...’

He is the nice character that made the whole story possible. With sweet words in the snow that have been reproduced on the globe from north to south. Sharing words with thousands of fans, in many languages. The first sprite of a joyful gang that love to shoot the breeze all day long. 

The beginning of a story in which you are now invited to participate, playing with new games and meeting new characters, from week to week, getting in friendly land Join the club and enjoy our talkative* world!

What's new ?

well basically you are entering a completely new phase in’s life. We offer you new possibilities by presenting our premium offer: the premium offer is based on three main advantages and some more

1) No advertisement which means a new clean interface, now your messages are really in tv format.

2) New premium content only available to premium subscribers

3) Longer messages, basically 10 times as long as in the free version.

Some more: we have exciting new things coming up for the premium offer besides new content, we are working on more personalization possibilities, more features, more games, more voices and also more more…

Here's a look at the website once you're premium :

new look


Now the big question is: all that for what price? We took some long brainstorming pizza/sushi sessions around that question and came out with a very simple pricing: 1 Euro per month thru a yearly subscription of 12 Euros. For those who just want to send premium content occasionally we offer the possibility to share the fun for 50 cents per talking card. The subscription gives you access to all premium content and features with the credit of 9999 shared talking cards per year.









Share the fun

Free on Standard Content but not on Facebook an Twitter, 50 cents per card on Premium

Free on Standard Content including Facebook and Twitter, 50 cents per card on Premium

Share 9999 cards per year including all Premium Content

Text Message Max Size

200 Characters

200 Characters

2001 Characters





Exclusive content & features





Free Free or one time transaction of 50 cents per shared talking card

Free or one time transaction of 50 cents per shared talking card

12 Euros per Year


Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions:

  • How do I subscribe to premium content?

Once you have created an account (Register) go to "My Account" and click on "Premium Account" then follow the Paypal payment instructions. Once you have finished the payment procedure it will take a few seconds for to turn the ads off and to offer premium content to you. Enjoy!

  •  If I subscribe for one year are they any kind of usage limitations?

There are no limitations besides the number of talking cards you can share which is limited to 9999 per year.

  •  If I’m a Premium user and I send a card to my grand mother who is not registered: will she be able to see my card?

Yes she will see exactly the same card than the one you’ve made, and she will love it.

  •  How can an unregistered user reply to my premium card?

He will be able to reply by using the standard free cards of if he wants to use the same card he will need to register and to subscribe or to buy this feature once in order to share premium content.

  •  Will the actual free content remain free?


  •  If I want to stop my subscription before the end of it, will I get my money back?

Unfortunately not, if you don’t want to subscribe you can always share the fun by using the one time transaction fee.

  •  How much Premium Content will you add?

We will add at least 6 cards or games or extended features that will be exclusively Premium Content per year. We are targeting far more but this is the minimum we commit. We want to keep you happy with your subscription.

  •  Will I be noticed before my subscription ends?

Your subscription will not be reniewed automatically. You will receive an email notice at least 1 month before the end of the subscription time. You will have to re-subscribe for the next 12 months.


And don't forget our other features :

Create your account and share your page with you friends !

By registering to - this is free go to "Register" - you will create your own page. Your page will track the history of your activity on and be a link to your friends. Much more to come.

Share you talking cards
directly on Facebook, Twitter and most Social Networks in the world! Just click "Share the Fun" after your talking card and follow the instructions. Your friends walls will look terrific and chatty.

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* uses Acapela  group speech solutions.

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